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Communicating Reward App CatchLive

User-rewarded SNS platform that integrates blockchain technology

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About Us

CatchLive is a user-rewarded SNS platform that integrates blockchain technology

Our CatchLive provides 5 services as below


selectable UI/UX


filter &

auto deletion

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Target Marketing & Advertising


user relationship

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Child Protection

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Unlike traditional media, SNS allows horizontal delivery of information and spread through the network.

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Using SNS, you can share various contents such as emotions, information, writings, and videos that you want to share.

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SNS aims to provide user-friendly UI/UX and minimizes content censorship posted by users.

The success factor of SNS is the securing of users by far. Interaction between users is the basic function of social networks, and the platform can only be expanded by securing a large number of users, which has made the three characteristics different.

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Our Services

CatchLive’s Core Features

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1.UI UX with intuitive design_(L).png

UI/UX with intuitive design

CatchLive offers several optional options for the UI

To improve the user experience, we plan to add color codes and layout options, as well as various layout systems depending on the type of content you participate in. For example, layouts for careless scrolling or shopping are placed with minimal text.  

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Filter and automatic deletion

Provides built-in filter functionality and automatic deletion for editing photos and videos

provides a built-in filter function that allows users to make various self-edits without using third-party apps for photo and video editing. Another key function is the automatic deletion.This function can be applied to general feeds, private messages and stories, etc.

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3.Target Marketing and Advertising_(L).png

Target Marketing and Advertising

Collect activity data to provide users with more relevant content and advertising

Big data and block chain technology are applied in the area, and user activity data is safely stored in the blockchain, thereby eliminating concerns about information theft. In addition, by creating a better advertising circumstance with the highest precision, we will provide advertisers with a process that leads to consumers' actual purchase and expose only advertisements that can increase their purchase intention to consumers.

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Making user relationship

We want to build a strong relationship between the CatchLive platform and the user first

Users can receive rewards based on various activities performed within the platform, and include meaningful activities directly related to participation such as platform running time, writing and sharing posts, and writing comments. If the live shopping function in the platform is activated in the future, activities such as writing product reviews, purchasing products, and sharing products will also be added to the reward items. 

4.Making user relationship_(R).png
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5.Child protections_(R).png

Child protections

CatchLive provides child protection services

CatchLive devised several measures to protect children from unsuitable sexual themes, violence, obscenities and other inappropriate subjects, and grafted them onto the platform. and users under the age of 13 must obtain parental or legal guardian account approval to sign up.

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Indonesia MOU Influencer

We connected with Indonesian Top Tier Artists and Influencer

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Contracted Japan AV Model

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The Growth of Catch Live

Expansion to all areas of the affiliate live commerce industry

One broadcast is interpreted and translated by AI in real time and broadcast simultaneously globally

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User-centered global localization live platform for each country, including partner company scalability examples and UI and UX

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